Student Microscopes

We sell students optical microscopes from Olympus, Motic and Meiji.

Student Microscopes

Motic F-11 LED  Basic Biological Microscope Series

  • 45° Inclined Monocular head for comfortable viewing while seated, rotates 360°
  • Widefield eyepiece 10X/18mm with built-in pointer
  • Revolving quadruple nosepiece with positive click-stops for precise magnification changes
  • Achromatic objectives parfocal and parcentric 4X/0.10, 10X/0.25 and 40X/0.65 with spring
  • Separate coarse and fine focusing adjustment with upper-limit stop to prevent damage to slides and objectives
  • Large 120mm x 110mm stage with locked-on, spring stage clips
  • Focusable 1.25NA Abbe Condenser with iris diaphragm
  • LED illumination with intensity adjustment

Motic 18/28 LED Biological Microscope Series

Motic’s 18 and 28 series offer a unique ergonomic shape, superior optics, and LED illumination.

  • Binocular Head, inclined at 45 degrees and rotating
  • Widefield WF10X/18mm Eyepieces
  • Quadruple Nosepiece with parcentric click stops
  • Achromatic EA Objectives 4X, 10X, 40X
  • Coarse and Fine focusing adjustment
  • Built-in low-position mechanical stage with Vernier scale
  • 1.25NA Focusable Condenser
  • Iris Diaphragm with filter holder
  • Rechargeable LED Illumination with intensity control

Motic B1 Series

This full-sized microscope range provides users with a sturdy and solid base for professional microscopy.

The B1 Series is available with many accessories to suit most microscopy requirements in academic, veterinary and simple laboratory tasks.

  • Binocular Head, inclined at 45 degrees and rotating
  • Widefield WF10X/18mm Eyepieces
  • Quadruple Nosepiece with parcentric click stops
  • Plan Objective 4X
  • Achromatic Objectives 10X, 40X(S), 100X(S, Oil)
  • Coaxial Coarse & Fine Focusing with Tension Adjustment
  • Low position coaxial mechanical stage
  • Rack & Pinion focusable 1.25NA Condenser
  • Iris Diaphragm with filter holder
  • Halogen Illumination 12V/20W with intensity control

Motic B3 Series

Professional Biological Microscope Series

As a natural progression of the popular B1 Series, the more advanced B3 Series offers features for the more demanding user. A standard Siedentopf head configuration allows interpupillary distance adjustment without the need for refocusing. The superior Köhler illumination system offers ample illumination, making this series ideal for Lab work. Combined with either ASC Achromatic Super Contrast or Plan Achromatic objectives, this series has an unbeatable price-quality ratio.

Main features

  • Achromatic Super Contrast, Plan Achromatic or Phase Contrast objectives
  • Coaxial coarse and fine focusing
  • Köhler illumination
  • Quintuple reverse-mounted nosepiece

ST-39 Series

Stereo Microscope Series

This uniquely Motic-shaped stereo microscope Series contains two different models with different optical systems. The ST-39C-N9GO uses a rotating turret objective with 2X/4X magnifications, while the ST-39Z-N9GO has a zoom objective with a ration of 3:1, which allows students to view anything from 10X to a close-up 30X magnification.

Main features

  • Binocular 45° inclined head, 360º rotating
  • Choice of 2X/4X objective turret or 1X-3X Zoom objective
  • Incident and Transmitted illumination
  • Fixed arm and sturdy base

SFC-11 Series

Stereo Microscope Series

Precise optical alignment assures a three-dimensional, upright image that is suitable for a wide range of applications from dissecting to examining printed circuit boards. The fixed arm stand with incident and transmitted illumination makes the SFC-11 an ideal and safe microscope to be used by technicians and students alike. This model is available in three versions containing different objective turrets.

Main features

  • Binocular 45° inclined head, 360º rotating
  • Choice of 1X/2X, 1X/3X or 2X/4X objective turret
  • 95mm Working distance
  • Incident and Transmitted illumination